Online MBA Courses

Acquiring an additional MBA to your name is a very good thing, reasons for getting an extra
qualification to your belt can increase your chances of striking better deals. However, this could
be the reason why India has produced more MBA graduates than ever with quite a large
number of MBA holders been appointed in professional roles all over India. So, for anyone who
has decided to pursue as an additional career option, the question is – Where can I get an
online MBA from? We will tell you more about this in this article.

Why Should I Get An Online MBA Qualification?

There are numerous reason why you should get an MBA qualification and for the record you
can actually get one without really breaking a sweat, having to go to classes among others. .
With the aid and introduction of the internet, you can apply for online MBA courses at the
comfort of your home or workplace, at a matter of fact you can go to work, come back from work
and attend lectures all at the click of a button via the world wide web. With online MBA courses
you can say goodbye to evening college classes, travelling to campuses just to get a degree,
you can do this at home, at work or on the go provided you have steady internet and your
headphones (serves as noise cancellation, you need to at least listen to online classes).

Best Online MBA Courses in India

Let's take a look at some online MBA courses and which colleges and universities are giving the
best online MBA courses for career professionals and intending first degree holders in India.  

Don Bosco University
The Don Bosco University is located in Assam and is legally documented and accredited to the
University Grants Commission of India(UGC), and the Distance Education Council, India (DEC).
They offer an array of online MBA courses from MBA programs in:
 Logistics & Supply Chain Management
 Operations Management
 Human Resource Management
 Finance Management
 Marketing Management
 Retail Management
Most of these online courses run for a maximum period of 3 years and exams are taken online
giving you total flexibility with time for lectures and exams.

Amity University
Amity University, a popular and well-approved university, they offer online MBA courses in a
couple of categories
 MBA in Global Finance Markets
Get Your MBA degree in four semesters and gaining expert knowledge in diverse streams. Like
all online courses, correspondence options are available and you can read and study anywhere
as study materials are provided and you can also complement it with online learning materials.
However for those who are working ther3 are fast track methods. You can read more about their
programs here.

Venkateshwara Open University
Venkateshwara University is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the
Association of Indian Universities (AIU). They are a non profit established institution and they
offer online MBA courses like:
 Human Resource Management
 International Business
 Tourism Management
 Education Management
 Hospital Management and Investment
 Banking and Finance among others.
  Any person who has an academic degree from an UGC acknowledged college can get Online
MBA course and also it takes about 24 to 48 months to finish the program. They also have an
Exec Masters in Company Management training course, for working experts having 2 years

Other institutions that offer quality online MBA courses are:
 Indian School of Business Management & Administration.
 ITM University
 Jaipur National University
 Pondicherry University
 National Institute of Business Management
 Karnataka State Open University

So, there we are. Some of the best universities and colleges that are offering online MBA
courses for professionals. We advise you check the websites of the schools to know more. And
don't forget to always check with the institutions websites for updated fees and course
structures. Wishing all the best!!!