Way to make money from Travel blogging: Follow the monetization

If you are a Travel blogger, then you must be looking for funds for your adventure tours. In this post you we will guide you how to make money from travel blogging. Most of the people think that making money from travel blogging is very difficult but it is absolutely not, with your hardworking and dedication you can earn from travel blogging. It may take some time, maybe more time, but one day you’ll succeed if you maintain the words of us. Making money from online is not as tough as it sounds there are a lot of peoples who are surviving depending on online platform.

There are two general approaches to make money from travel blogging, that are as follows -

Direct Monetization: -

Direct monetization is nothing rather than immediate cash on behalf of selling a product, service or ad space. Most of the bloggers looking for direct monetization as most of them looking for immediate cash. It is totally a passive income source. No hourly billing or customer service is their indirect monetization. You just need to place links and ads; after this everything will be tracked automatically.

Indirect Monetization: -

Over there it is also helpful. Through your website, one can establish himself in a specific industry and it can lead to contracts and over this there is also an opportunity for off-site employment.

There are six ways of passive income streams for bloggers

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Amazon Associates

3. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising/ display advertising.

4. Link sales In this section, we will discuss in brief about these topics

1. Affiliate Marketing for bloggers- It is one of the most profitable ways to make money from online through your website. Mainly Affiliate Marketing is marketing the products of other people to the readers of your website. Both click and sales are tracked via a set of personalized, coded links and for all the transactions your account will be credited. You will be paid either a fixed or a percentage commission depending upon the program. Normally all the payouts are made monthly. Bloggers don’t need to have own products for affiliate marketing thus it is popular over bloggers.

At first, you just need to sign up with the following affiliate networks and then you have to choose products that you want to sell in your website (it can be done either display ads in your sidebar or via contextual links in your post). While signing up you just need to be kept in mind to enter correct information of your website and payment details

Commission Junction




While choosing the products, you need to be sure for both things- 1. The interest of products of your readers and 2. The specific product is actually helpful or not.

Three primary roles in the affiliate transaction are there - 

i. Publisher- in case you are the owner of a blog, then you are a publisher. Blog writers are also a publisher just like book or magazine creators.

ii. Advertiser- it can be a company that can be sale anything. Advertiser makes an agreement with you to pay you a fixed fee that can be either flat fee or percentage of sales. Products can be anything from clothing and air tickets to any online service.

iii. Consumer- Consumer takes the most vital role as it is where the revenue actually came from. It is the consumer who sees the ads in your site and clicks on it. Without the specific action of them, your account won’t be credited.

2. Amazon Associates: the guide of making money for bloggers- Amazon Associate probably the best and simplest way to begin for making money online, although at first, the returns are not very big. Simply you just need to go to www.amazon.com and then sign up for the affiliate programme. To begin earning, you have to place coded affiliate links to your website. Whenever the reader of your website clicks your link and visit www.amazon.com you will receive a commission for their purchases. Commission range is varied from 1%(video games) to 10%(apparel).

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising-

It is the most popular way to generate revenue from your blog. As it sounds, you will be paid for every click generate from your site. PPC ads can be either simple text or an image or even a video. Each of the links is coded so that you can be paid for each click.

There are top 4 PPC ad network platforms -

 i. Mediavine

ii. Adthrive

 iii. Google AdSense

iv. Media.net

4. Selling Links-

it is the way which many bloggers use to begin making money through link share. Many advertisers want inbound links to help to boost their search ranking as well as site traffic. To generate new links, they buy links on individual posts or blog homepages. Do not accept any links that come from a questionable site. If you start linking unrelated sites, you will confuse your readers as well as signals to Google that you are a confused blogger. It is almost certain death to any blog. These are all the ways to make money from your travel blogging to make funds for your adventures.