Daily Task Plan

The AD Portal enable you to view different advertisement, and soon after you will be rewarded your points. In the same way, where your team members watch the advertisements respectively, you will also be remunerated with your points. So, go forth for it!!

Here you have to give your own effort earn a fixed daily income. Different task will be given in the task portal, where you have to be notified and complete the work within 24 hours of that respective day. If not done by the day you will lose your earnings for that day. Even no points will be gained from your downline members.

Level Rate (INR) Team Total Income
Self Rs. 10 1 Rs. 10
Level 1 Rs. 1.5 10 Rs. 15
Level 2 Rs. 0.75 100 Rs. 75
Level 3 Rs. 0.45 1000 Rs. 450
Level 4 Rs. 0.35 10,000 Rs. 3500
Level 5 Rs. 0.35 1,00,000 Rs. 35000
Level 6 Rs. 0.35 10,00,000 Rs. 350000
Level 7 Rs. 0.25 1,00,00000 Rs. 2500000

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