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Registration is absolutely free. In fact, you get a Joining Bonus and you also earn from Referral Income up to 7 levels. Once you log in into your account, you will find many earning opportunities. Click on daily task and complete image ads and blog ads, you will get earning for self as well as from team. All income is calculated up to 7 levels. Your accumulated earnings from 1st to 31st of the month will be released to you from 25th to 30th of the following month. Register, work and promote EXTRACASH and earn when your down line members watch advertisements and perform other functions.


Go to home page click on join us and download the mobile application there you'll get registration form just fill it and submit. then you can log in through app and start working in website.


if you stopped doing daily task your earning will stop temporarily, example if your daily task is incomplete today then your earning will stop after 12:00 A.M. in order to start earning again you have to complete daily task, after completing your daily task your earning will start immediately.


once you join us you'll get a refer id. just share it to new joiners and ask them to put that in registration form while they are registering. you can make a team upto 7 levels.


You can click advertisements every 24 hours. The ads reset at midnight (00:00 hrs. server time).


If you stop doing daily task for 5 days continuesly,then your payment will be rejected.

Your payment details should be same as your registered extracash account name. or the payment will be rejected.

using wifi or sharing hotspot is strictly prohibited while logging in in extracash account, for this your payment will be rejected

Using multi acccounts in a single device will get reject your payment.


There can be several reasons for your account suspension.

Fraudulently creating multi accounts.

Using multi accounts in a single device.

Use any kind of auto-click software or 3rd party software for watching ads and completing offers.

Offend our staff or other members in forum.

False accusations without proof or threatening the company or staff.

If we find any ID’s made fraudulently or using inappropriate means to earn easy money, we will suspend these accounts and freeze all payments without any notice or warning.


the ammount can be deducted for following reasons

if someone in your downline done fake work then his/her account will be suspended as per company's rule, and the amount(ad income,joining income) you earned from him/her will also deducted at the time of payment.

using wifi or sharing hotspot is strictly prohibited while logging in in extracash account, this can be lead to deduction of amount you earned and your account may suspended at the time of payment.

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