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1. The site is owned, regulated, operated and coordinated by Innovative digital marketing services. This does not guarantee that the materials provided in the site are appropriate or available for use outside the country or proves its export to be legal.

2. The involved participants and registered members must have valid identity proof. There is no age bar, any individual being fit with mental and physical conditions can join the team. By visiting the site, and accepting the terms and conditions, you assure and warrant that you bear a real identity and you have the capacity, capability, right, strength and authority to go through the site and register as its concerned users.

3. Accepting the terms and conditions binds you to represent and warrant that you would follow all the rules and regulations of the company in a consistent manner. Violating, any, made give the authority and right to the company to take legal actions.

4. The company and the concerned authorities possess the right to terminate any of the account at any time and any disputed and suspected reason without any prior information. Thus, the disclaimer of warranty, accuracy of information, software, database other system or functionality of website and indemnification and other such provisions survive under such terminations.

5. The company has the right to make any changes, modifications or amendments when needed and shall be notified in the site. Accepting the terms and conditions abide you to obey them positively.

6. The contents, texts, images, graphics, videos, audios, etc. licensed under the company belongs to the company or its affiliates or subsidiaries. Copying, modification, reproduction, republishing, uploading, transmission, distribution, posting, and so on without any permission will be considered as fraud and severe legal steps will be taken against it under the country's judiciary system. You will be provided a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited access to the site.

7. The company does not provide any assurance or take any warranty of the information or data related to the product or services showcased in the advertisements. It is placed perfectly as provided by the sources believed to be reliable.

8. The company does not take responsibility for any kind of error-free operating system or viruses. The site provides the content on "as it is" basis and does not hold warranties about accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the content, software, links, texts, and graphics. Thus, the company can't be blamed for any kind of losses or damages of the user's operating system or computer system or any such kind of gadgets or personal types of equipment or materials.

9. Under no circumstances, the company shall be liable for any kind of illegal activities of its users, employees, authorities and other related persons that involves misuse of any data, fraud, hacking, or any such cyber crimes.

10. You are not permitted to send, submit, post or transmit any materials that contain virus or any such negative file that hampers the software of any electronic apparatus or portable devices.

11. Once the terms and conditions are accepted, the users can't impose any claim, demand or damage to the company and its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, officers, and other such authorities.

12. Any personal information or data related to the users provided to the company and its officials shall be kept securely and will be given a paramount importance and will never be leaked any third party.

13. The company does not take responsibility for any kind of damage or loss incurred during dealing with the third party (or advertiser).

14. To associate with the site, you must register in the site at first. You will be given a particular, unmatchable, and different username and password that may be created by your own. The particular user name with a definite password will be provided to an individual user only. It is your responsibility to keep these two (username and password) confidential.

15. The company has the right to block or cease the account of any user if it was found or suspected to be misused.

16. The company reserves the right to investigate and take legal actions against any person or individual who was found to be engaged in any kind of unlawful or forbidden acts.

17. The user will be responsible for any kind of obscene, threatening, defamatory, hateful, abusive or criminal activities or behaviors are done by the user.

18. All the claims, complaints, or such legal actions will be managed, regulated and governed under an exclusive judiciary system of the Indian law and constitution.

19. Terms and conditions and relevant information are vitally discussed and quoted in the FAQ section. Do check FAQS time-to-time and stay updated.

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